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This plan sets out the vision of this community led project and gives and outline of the proposed facilities, a framework of who it will be managed by and how the project will be financed, our planned timescales and when we expect to achieve completion.

The purpose of the Management Plan is:


  • To facilitate efficient and effective management of the
  • To strategically plan for future improvements and
  • To ensure improvements are
  • To maintain continuity and consistency in service
  • To justify revenue and resources for the site provided from outside sources and external funding

This management plan sets out a programme for the future management, maintenance and development of the land at Millennium Park site which will be known as (EEAC) Eco Educational Activity Centre.

It is a guide for staff, users and everyone involved with the site, to see how it will be managed and improved and what the priorities are for its future.

It is a comprehensive two-year plan that will run from 2018-2020