Ultimate Frizbee, Cambridge Park – Sportivate Programme

On the back of last year’s success, we are out again thanks to support from the “Sportivate” Fund and one of the first sporting programmes we have delivered this year has been to students of the Cambridge Park Academy in Grimsby. The six week programme has given a mixed group of 14 students the opportunity to “catch the spirit” and try their hand at the fast and up and coming sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport consisting of a mixture of American Football and Netball. Teams try to pass the disc amongst themselves and try to score in a defined area without their opponents intercepting or catching the disc and scoring in the opposed scoring zone. Played at a very fast pace, there are an unlimited number of substitutes allowed during a game and it is self-governing ,so therefore there are no referees and competitors compete against each other by “catching the spirit” of the game and playing it in a friendly and Cooperative manner.

As Cambridge Park is known for supporting young people with special needs, the disc sport programme has proved a huge success in engaging people who don’t generally engage with sporting activities and in improving their mobility, hand eye co-ordination and teamwork skills.

With this sport building in popularity and demand for our services increasing, we have a need to develop some additional “Disc Sport” coaches. Through support from North East Lincolnshire’s, Young Peoples Support Service, there’s an opportunity for a limited number of young people to book a place on the level 1 Ultimate Frisbee Leader course taking place on 29th July from 9am to 3pm for 16-21 year olds. Please Ring 01472 236677 to book your place!