Sunday morning archery

We first met young Peter, an 87 year old widower at a Good Neighbours event in Humberston.  Our organisation supported the event by providing an archery taster session free of charge to visitors.

Peter had always wanted to try archery but because he has no sight in 1 eye and only has around 20% sight in the other, he thought it was an activity he could never ever take part in.  Peter spoke to the coaches about his desire to have a go and also about his concerns due to his impairment. The coaches carefully explained that he would be able to take part with some slight adaptions to equipment and technique.  After 15 minutes and about 18 attempts, Peter finally succeeded in hitting the target.  He was ecstatic and carried on to hit the target several more times before he left, thanking our 2 archery coaches for all their assistance.

The coaches told Peter that they had just started some open to all archery sessions which he may wish to join in.  The sessions are held at Centre4, Wootton Road 10 am-12 noon every Sunday regardless of weather as there is an indoor option.  The GHoPA programme and its coaches are delighted to now see Peter regularly attending those sessions. Other visitors attending the session acknowledge the huge changes in Peter as he continues to improve his archery skills despite his disability.

If you would like to try archery come along to our sessions on Sunday mornings 10am-12 noon at Centre4, Wootton Road. To see more details please visit our web page ghopa calendar