Sunday Archery Club

Andrew Dudgeon

Andrew started as a complete novice 1 year ago. He found that he really enjoyed archery and progressed rapidly.  He has since purchased his own bow and arrows after advice from the Positive Activities (formerly GHoPA coaches and has achieved a high standard of archery. He now wishes to progress further in the sport by coaching other people. He has also introduced his teenage daughter to archery and has purchased a bow for her and helped to coach her to a good standard.

Peter Topliss

This 87 year old gentleman watched various people try archery at one of our taster sessions. We asked him if he would like to try the sport and he replied that he would like to but he couldn’t as he was blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other. We encouraged him to have a go, which he did with some success. We invited him to come to our Sunday archery sessions but he told us he had no transport and that he couldn’t come. Positive Activities (formerly GHoPA arranged with him to take him to the session every Sunday and back home. He now attends every week and enjoys every minute. It gives him something to look forward to and has made him feel younger and more confident.

Brooke Saxton

One of our younger participants Brooke, has some major medical conditions and social communication issues. We are very aware that we need to take on-board these restrictive conditions and carry out special coaching for him to enjoy the sessions. We are pleased to say his parents are delighted at his progress and eagerness to attend the sessions and say that they have seen a vast improvement in him.