Staying Connected

The Connected project has been designed to help those who are struggling to use new technology such as Tablets, iPads and smartphones.

We believe the people who will benefit most from this programme will be those who are suffering from social isolation. We plan to help them reconnect with their friends, families and the wider community. Connected is coming soon to an area near you and we would like you to encourage all the people you know who need help using technology to come and join up.  Now I guess you are wondering what we can offer people who come onto this programme, the answer is… what they want to learn. The programme is designed to be completely flexible and based around the user’s needs. This can be learning how to do online banking, shopping online or maybe even learning about bookmarking and how to do it on their smartphones. We don’t just focus on using the internet; we can also offer different ways to backup all of their favourite photos and videos by showing them how to save onto SD cards or via the cloud on Dropbox.

This is only one of many ways GHoPA is planning to help the community of Grimsby, along with other programmes and activities we offer. This can only be a positive and give people more incentive to engage in positive activities.

Look out for this logo in your area!