Jean-Pierre Kabuiku (a former volunteer)

To GHoPA’s Management

Dear Sirs,

My gratitude

I am writing to thank all of you for your help and hospitality to me within your organisation. Your contribution in my accounting career consisted mainly in:

  • Admitting me to share time with you during one year as a volunteer;
  • Accepting, these days, to respond to many organisations, requesting your references; and
  • Supporting my recent applications through the aforementioned references after several interviews.

As a result, I am delighted to inform you that I was offered the position of Accounts Assistant within an international charity in London after a satisfactory interview.

Many things helped me and among them, GHoPA’s experience as a charity working with children and providing educational activities (many sporting) to young people and families.

All the time we shared together was very helpful to me by the fact that it allowed me to practise what I studied and also this was an additive to my CV.

I would like to encourage and recommend anyone to gain experience, by serving the community as a volunteer; this will not be without reward.

Yours Faithfully

Jean-Pierre Kabuiku