Indicomm – Flying High

Gez Fairbairn, boss of Louth based hi tech company (Indicomm) kindly donates a camera helicopter and wildlife camera trap to GHoPA.

Impressed with GHoPA and its media and environmental training capabilities Gez and his generous donation allows GHoPA’s young people to access state of the art camera equipment.

MD Mark says “This is the type of equipment we could only dream of being able to afford”. It now adds a different and fun dimension to learning using the very latest media techniques”.

Indicomm technicians also gave GHoPA staff a sneak preview of their very latest piece of remote controlled hi tech camera kit fitted to a Land Rover at the GHoPA base at YMCA Peaks Lane.

Gez and his technical support team demonstrated in the fields behind YMCA bringing the Land Rover fitted with a 15 metre extendable arm mounted with a remote controlled hi resolution camera.

The camera is operated from inside the vehicle and video or still images were recorded onto a video editing suit. Mark tried the equipment for the first time and was amazed how simple it is to operate and how clear the images were

Mark also allowed the Indicomm team to visit GHoPA’s new educational site at the Millenium Park to carry out further tests.