Get Hooked on Fishing Karl Humphries’ kind donation

One of Mark Fenty’s fellow Get Hooked on Fishing (National Angling Charity) co-ordinators kindly donated 2 fly fishing rods and 2 fly fishing reels to the project.

Karl, the Get Hooked on Fishing co-ordinator for the Shrewsbury region is one of the UK’s top fly angling coaches and an expert entomologist.

Mark and Karl with their teams of young peer mentors met up recently as both Get Hooked on Fishing regional projects teamed up to help at the live Sky televised “Fish O Mania” event at Newcastle under Lyme.

When Karl found out the Grimsby Get Hooked on Fishing project run by GHoPA had no fly fishing gear he quickly nipped home and kindly presented Mark with 2 rods and 2 reels to help the project.
Mark says “this is the kind of generous gesture that will really help the “Get Hooked on Fishing” programme in our region. We have had plenty of young people in the past who have really taken to fly fishing but unfortunately we had our equipment stolen.

Now we are back on track and able to deliver fly fishing sessions again to many more young people which is great”.

Mark adds, “there is a real fellow team spirit within the 13 regional “Get Hooked on Fishing”. It is so nice to know you are part of a much bigger team and that help is always available when you need it.”

For more details about the national “Get Hooked on Fishing project please visit their website Also, please visit their Facebook website and click like as the organisation is does so much to help young people throughout the whole UK.