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Activities and services developed on site will generate many brand-new income streams assisting the Charity to be more financially independent. We will also explore and introduce energy and renewable technologies to keep our long term operational costs very low.

During the first phase, we will enhance the existing lakes and woodland area and we will begin to landscape and develop the strip to the northern boundary as funding permits.

Planned and prudent spending will ensure the seed funding we have will be match funded with funders to amplify our spending capabilities. We will also seek to secure social sector funding if the Board believes this is required. We will:

  • Identify, develop and market new income streams
  • Utilise income from new income streams to contribute to core costs
  • Build a surplus annually to build reserves for future investment in the site
  • Create capital funding strategy for the site
  • Create a capacity and delivery funding strategy Create a funding strategy for core funding


Lack of funding will restrict our ability to develop the entire project at the speed we would like however, if we can secure significant grant funding or financial investment from other sources, this timescale period could be considerably reduced.

Pre-the project start, we have £275,000 unrestricted cash fund and we predict at least £150,000 could be match funded giving us a fund of around £425,00. Our financial projections demonstrate that we are in a strong start up position as we have approximately 50% of the entire project cost which is likely to be around £1m

Our 2-year timescale for completion is realistic and reflects the flexibility of the scheme.

Support Investment

We will work with the commercial sector, who may support the project by providing “in kind” and financial contributions to the project. We strongly believe that local companies and individuals will be incredibly motivated to help us realise this extremely ambitious scheme.