Doorstep Angling Programme

No matter what our lovely British weather threw at them, a group of local youngsters from the Doorstep organisation in Ladysmith Road, stuck to their task in order to catch some of the largest and not so large fish that reside within one of our local fishing venues.

The six week programme funded through the organisation gave an opportunity for the youngsters to learn the basic skills needed to be able to fish independently and provide them with a healthy lifestyle option for the future. Whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility that the countryside can offer, the group also completed a series of tasks aimed at supporting their personal and social development.

As one of our coaches put it, the weather was that bad on a couple of the sessions, members of the public must of thought all the group had fallen in the water but never the less, none of them gave up and engaged with a level of enthusiasm that many others would be envious of.