Archery Coaches Alistair Woodhouse and Mike Burley delivered another enjoyable session to the youngsters of BANC (Binbrook Activity Night Club) on Wednesday 9/6/2016, at the village hall grounds.

The event was requested by the chair of the village organisation Mr Andrew Naden, who is also a member of the Sunday Positive Activities archery group.

On interview Andy told us that the group currently has around 30 primary age and younger members and the intent of the parents and committee is to offer the children something different, and to ensure they are introduced to social and beneficial activities. From the politeness and excitement, we received we can confirm that they are succeeding.

Several individuals had never handled a bow but after calm and clear tuition they soon picked up and their aims and scores were more than above expectations.

“Solidarity and community spirit is the driving force that keeps us going; we enjoy seeing their enjoyment, but tonight, I had a go and found it rather nerve racking but so enjoyable.”                       Kate Collins (parent)

The youngest member was 3 yr. old Evie Webster proving that age is not a barrier.

Pic 1 Evie Webster (1) (Copy)

Jill Bruce stated that she was also nervous but surprised herself by hitting Gold with her first arrow

Pic 2 Jill Bruce (3) (Copy)

Some great laughter and fun was had by all and we will be returning to this great village

Pic 3 (1) (Copy)