Angling Programme Expands

Earlier on this year, GHoPA were fortunate to receive funding from the Heartwell Fund to support the future development of three of its angling coaches. After months of studying and completing various theoretical and practical courses through the Angling Trust’s Development Board, the coaches have all passed with flying colours.

Will Bradley and Jody Ross- Leverton have just started out on the coaching route and as very competent anglers in the carping world; it’s nice to see two young people putting something back into the sport. They have both qualified as Level 1 support coaches and will hopefully head the delivery of the disabled and specialist angling programmes that we are currently developing.

As an added bonus, Jody will also be a valued asset to our organisation as he has just finished his degree in Fisheries Management at Bishop Burton Collage. Along with attaining an ‘A’ grade for his studies, he was also awarded three star accreditations and 2014, student of the year. Well done!

Finally and after years of putting a tremendous amount of work into developing our highly successful angling programme, Andy Smith, our organisations angling development manager, has qualified as a Level 2 coach. This will enable Andy to use his specialist qualifications and lead the delivery of sessions that target some of our most needy and hard to reach clients.

Andy has also completed his “CAST” training recently. “CAST” are skills awards that have recently been developed by the Angling Trust to support, reward and recognise the standards of all anglers across England.

They are written as a series of progressive steps to enable anglers to strive to meet their full potential and go from CAST Starter to CAST 6.

They enable anglers in all disciplines to develop skills at their own pace and with recognition of their efforts at each stage.

All of our angling team are now registered with the sport’s governing body, the Angling Trust and have the mandatory qualifications required along with a variety of specialist ones. This now enables our angling programme to support the personal and social development of a full range of clients in the health, education and social sectors.

Thanks once again must go to the Heartwell Fund for recognising the fact that angling provides a healthy lifestyle option and that high quality coaching can support the personal and social development of many a resident within the North East Lincolnshire area.