Allerton Primary School

Archery and Frisbee at Immingham’s Allerton Primary School

In July, the whole school including members of staff took part in positive activities including frisbee disc sports and archery.

Local “not for profit” social organisation GHoPA (Get Hooked on Positive Activities) provided a fun engagement and enrichment session to every pupil in the school, many who had never accessed archery or frisbee disc sports before.

The session was commissioned by the school as a reward to thank all of the pupils for their hard work they had produced throughout the year. The school also wanted to promote sporting activities, which were different and offered something new and fresh.

Quote by Sarah Andrews, Allerton Primary School

“All of our children absolutely loved taking part in the disk sports and archery activities. Everybody had fun with all abilities and ages catered for. The children (and staff!) enjoyed the games and competitions that promoted communication, hand eye co-ordination, great teamwork and healthy exercise.

The staff, pupils and I wish to thank the GHoPA team for a truly wonderful day.”

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