A Cold and Frisbee Morning

As I woke up on the 30th of December with Christmas just a memory in the past, I looked out at a beautiful frosty morning and thought to myself… I wonder what being a GHoPA volunteer will bring today. You see what I love about being a GHoPA volunteer is that no two occasions are ever the same.

I arrived at the office and met up with my fellow volunteers and coaches. Then after conversations about how much turkey we had all eaten, I was quickly informed that for today I would be on the disk sports section, great I thought, one of my favorite activities.

After a short journey we arrived at Oasis Academy Immingham, and the gear was quickly unloaded into the sports hall, with everyone helping out so we had all the activities set up in no time.

I took to my station with my Frisbees and targets and began the wait. As I looked around at the archery and the Laser Biathlon I could not help but think that these were going to be more popular than my poor old Frisbees.

Patiently I waited and soon enough people started wandering across, children and parents alike all forming a queue wanting a go at this rather strange looking sport.

I was greeted by sounds of “I can do this,” “I’m good at this,” and “this is easy”.

So disks were quickly handed out, and sure enough there were some with natural talent, some with pure natural power and some who needed a little more guidance. One thing that was learnt very quickly by all was that it is not as easy as it looks to hit one of those targets.

However with a little practice and coaching, many of my visitors were indeed hitting the target and some even coming round for a second and third go.

As the day drew to the end, we packed away the gear having all hugely enjoyed the experience. Still I could not help but wonder, come a warm summers evening, if just one of my visitors decides to get a Frisbee and take it into the park or garden to throw about for a while then what a successful outcome to the day that would be.